General Perspective for the “Beyond-COVID” Global Society and Economical Order — An introduction, as a proposal to the “Ethics, AI and COVID” Consortium

Ken ITO, Mitsuharu ISHIKAWA and Max Tomoki YATSUZUKA
The University of Tokyo

Submitted 20 Apr 2020

Pandemic by COVID-19 could give an impact to change basic structure of Neo-Liberal Economy and Financial system, which had grown after the end of the cold war, up to the second decade of 21st century. 

Looking back to the “Spanish Flu” 1918 Pandemic, which had an impact to stop the first world war, various post war changes — from revolution to innovation — occurred and in the meanwhile, John Maynard Keynes had established the concept of “Pubic Investment”.  After the Great Depression and the start of New Deals, he published “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money”[1] in 1936. 

We also evaluate fundamental Poverty Studies by Amartya Sen[2] quite meaningful in the analysis of Beyond COVID Global Society and Economical Systems. 

Concerning Keynes’ thoughts, his view point shown during late 20’s and 30’s had clearly anticipated “Beyond Depression” and even “Beyond the Second World War” global economic order. Though his plan was not fully taken at the Breton Woods Conference and the IMF system after the second world war, his fundamental criticism on Gold standard finally led management currency system after the 1970’s. Digital Economy after that totally stands on his “Beyond Gold Standard” viewpoint. 

And concerning Sen’s thoughts, before his study, “Poverty” had been treated mostly from the view point of productivity and little fundamental counter measure had enforced.   

Most of present pandemic models do not consider economic, social and even educational viewpoints. Indeed, in UK, Prince and PM had been infected by the virus. But we shall pay much attention to the different curvature of infected population between New York city and far eastern countries. 

At the background of this disagreement, we must find unlikeness of public insurance system, social custom or even variance in education. 

COVID Pandemic started in China, then first in far eastern countries we observed a loca a peak. Then after the middle of March 2020 the center of Pandemic clearly moved to Europe and now, at the beginning of April, an rapid wave is growing in US.  

We have to regard the difference between the European, American and Far-Eastern socialways of lives “ARTIFACTS” in the wide spread of the pathogen, and by changing such artifacts, we can expect relaxation in the curvature of pandemic. 

Fundamental subjugation of COVID would clearly accomplished with the establishment of Antibody therapy; it is in principle POSSIBLE. The problem is that it takes AT LEAST 1 year, or longer time and during that period various catastrophe could be concerned. Before that we have no optimistic view for the convergence of COVID pandemic. 

Now from academic stand point we can propose TWO different kinds of counter measures. The first is “Research for Today” or “Symptomatic” studies and the second is “Research for Tomorrow” or “Long-term Preventive Sustainable Studies”. 

For the Symptomatic studies, as they have awful variety, we would like to discuss them in different occasion. 

For Long-term Preventive Sustainable Studies, we would remark 3 initial problematics. 

1 The mechanism of “Medical Collapse”, Proof studies and mathematical theoretical approaches.

2 Possible Crustal Deformation of Society and Economy caused by COVID, Proof studies and welfare economic studies, especially possible correlation of inequality correction and pandemic relaxation. 

3 Transport Revolution; Mobility, Ubiquitous technology, Autonomous mechanics including self-driving technology, almost all kinds of IoT technology would be fully utilized DURING COVID term from 2020 to 2022-2023 and BEYOND COVID global society could be considerably influenced with those.

It could also transform the whole society, economy and global finance.
The academic sector MUST show NAUTICAL CHART and FUTURE IMAGE for the creation of the next generation INDUSTRY and PROSPERITY BEYOND COVID changes.

We shall show the IDEAL after the PANDEMIC. Just like Keynes in 1920’s who drew first rough image of modern global economy BEYOND GOLD STANDARD, we in 2020’s would sketch the first MACRO BEYOND COVID. 

We would publish individual studies systematically along this basic ground route. 

[1] Keynes, John Maynard The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, Harcourt, Brace & Company, New York (1936)
[2] Sen, Amartya. Poverty and Famines: An Essay on Entitlement and Deprivation. Oxford New York: Clarendon Press Oxford University Press. (1982)